Fishing and productive leisure on the Kola peninsula

Winter Fishing

It is believed, that there are more than a hundred thousand lakes in the Kola Peninsula. Some people say that there are lakes in the Kola Peninsula where man has never walked on their frozen surface. We are not sure that it is so. But it is a real fact, that there are lots of lakes here, and wild nature of the Polar Region remained primitive and untouched. Winter tundra is a very harsh place. In March and at the beginning of April the temperature seldom rises above 10-150C. The North is all about snowfall and blizzard, tundra and hills covered with snow, lakes under frozen shield.

It is great to become a pioneer, get tanned under the northern sun reflected by snow, to rush by a snowmobile on unbroken snow, to get away from modern civilization, though not for a long time. This romanticism is for real men of spirit. People who experienced charm of ice angling in the lakes of the Kola Peninsula will be forever devoted to the unique severe beauty and generosity of the Russian North.

From March to May the KolaAlliance Company organizes tours for ice fishing on lakes of the central part of the Kola Peninsula from the camps Olenka, Lumbovka, Kachkovka and Pilskaya. Tens of kilometers by snowmobile and you are at a fishery. Lakes are very rich with fish. And even if you take a fishing rod for ice fishing for the first time, with assistance of a skilled guide-instructor you will not be without a catch. The main fish of ice fishing that you can catch are Arctic char, bulltrout and lake char.

Such fish as cisco and grayling can be caught in these lake with no or little effort. There are also many non exotic fishes in the Kola lakes, that are widespread in the central part of Russia, such as pike, striped perch, and burbot. The average weight of fish in a catch can vary from 400 g to 1.5 kg, but larger specimens can also be caught. For example bulltrout can weigh to 10 kg and char up to six kg. What a serious trophy!

Peculiarity of ice fishing dictates its rules in equipment selection and requirements to equipment of a fisherman. Certainly, each skilled fisherman uses his own checked tackles and methods. But advice of a guide who is an expert in fish behavior in Kola lakes will come in handy. And the large variety of fish kinds gives wide choices for experiments with different kinds of lures, spoon baits, spinners, flies and other fishing stuff.

When selecting equipment it is necessary to remember that you prepare for angling in the Polar Region. The warm winter clothes with a hood, extra pairs of warm footwear and socks, two pairs of warm mittens are a necessary set for a tour. Sun glasses are simply vital for eye protection against the dazzling snow sparkle.