Fishing and productive leisure on the Kola peninsula

Sea fishing

For many of us cod, haddock, flounder and catfish are refrigerated shapeless trunks on counters of supermarkets. However it is quite possible to see these fishes alive in nature and even to take part in breathtaking and very hazardous sea fishing. For this it is enough to turn to the company KolaAlliance. From the Olenka camp, which is located close to the northern coast of the Kola Peninsula, the Company organizes tours of sea fishing in the Barents Sea.

The Barents Sea has no continuous ices, it is rich with plankton and the large quantity of fishes of many varieties comes to it for fattening. Cod, grouper, flounder, wolffish are of great interest to fishermen. You can catch bulltrout coming here to spawn, sometomes you can find salmon here. Old pomorys say that in the old times you could catch the Arctic cisco in the Barents Sea. Fishing is done from boats that are available at the Olenka camp. There are more chances to catch large fish from a boat, than when fishing from the shore. The average weight of a cod caught in the sea with the steep spinner at the depths from 30 to 200 m is about 5 kg, haddocks and grouper about 2 kg. But larger specimens can also be caught. It is not rare to catch for example a cod weighing 15-20 kg.

Apart from steep spinner, which is so popular, many sea fishers use special bottom tackles for halibut and wolffish. As a rule their patience and skill are rewarded with trophies worth boasting..

From the Pilskaya camp, which is located in the southern part of the Peninsula, trips of sea fishing are organized to the White Sea. The Kandalaksha Bay is of greatest interest. In this deepest gulf of the White Sea the largest cod specimens are caught, though Belomorsk cod is twice as small as Atlantic subspecies. The length of Belomorsk cod does not exceed 60 cm. Summer cod, called by pomors “pertuy”, is smaller than winter one which appears by the coast in August-September.

Cisco dwelling in coastal waters is not less honourable though more rare trophy of fishing in the White Sea. They usually catch cisco during spawning migrations, as well as salmon, bulltrout and humpback salmon.

The White Sea subspecies of the Atlantic striped catfish dwell mainly in the Kandalaksha bay. Fish reaches length of 80 cm and is an honourable trophy to any angler.

Fishing in the sea is rather specific; it’s related both with conditions of habitation and with dispositions of sea inhabitants. Many kinds of sea fishes quite often follow in huge flocks. They rush greedy on bait trying to leave others behind. So sea fishing is extraordinary active, generous with catch, especially attractive.

Professional guides of the Kola-Alliance company always help with advice, choice of tackles, means of fishing, and place of fishery. At the Olenka and Pilskaya camps fans of sea fishing always find comfort of cozy cottages, fine kitchen and attentive attitude of hospitable and qualified personnel.