Fishing and productive leisure on the Kola peninsula

River Fishing

In ancient times only the upper class had the right to fish using fishing rod, and successful fishing seemed to be a divine skill. Rivers where big fish was caught were named “blessed waters” as if they were under the God’s protection. Everything is changing these days, and now everyone can take a fishing rod and fish catching is not considered to be a deal of gods any more. But up till now fishing has some nature’s magic in it and fishermen are a special group of people. In some places you can still find these “blessed waters”. Unique rivers of the Kola Peninsula are among them. It is where natural salmon fish is found in the wild. Angling other kinds of salmon such as bulltrout and hunchback salmon in the northern rivers is of great interest as sport activity.

Especially sophisticated and prestigious way of salmon angling is lure fishing. It is the only legal way to catch salmon. Salmon is a graceful, romantic, and at the same time very strong and freedom-loving fish. So lure fishing of salmon is a kind of intellectual and physical duel with the worthy rival. Each salmon which is caught gives to the true fancier of angling real feeling of fishing happiness. And it is such a pleasure after a day of fishing, full of drive, energy and adrenaline, to share impressions with a good company, in cozy and comfortable environment of the evening rest.

The Olenka, Lumbovka, Kachkovka и Pilskaya camps are the parts of a fishing and recreational bases network of the KolaAlliance, located by the rivers with the same name on the Kola Peninsula. These camps are like islands of modern civilization in an unusually beautiful wilderness of the Russian North. You can reach them only by helicopter, but they are notable for careful service of a very high level. The skilled guides, who know all salmon places, in perfection possess technique of lure fishing and rules of resuscitation of the caught fish are at the disposal of fishermen-tourists. The principle “catch-and-release” is considered as a norm by real fisher-sportsmen; therefore fish resuscitation is a very important point in the process of angling. Many fishermen believe, that if the caught fish leaves back wounded it carries away fishing luck.

The choice of places for camps is not incidental. The Pilskaya camp is located on the southern coast of the Kola Peninsula. The rivers of the northern coast Olenka, Kachkovka and Lumbovka with camps arranged by them are notable for the big size of salmon caught in there. Though quantity of salmon in them is not so great, as in the southern ones, but the largest salmon coming to these places can exceed 20 kg.

When fishing in the rivers of the Kola Peninsula it is possible to angle not only salmon, but as well other kinds of valuable fishes which can be of great interest for sports fishery. The rivers are rich with bulltrout, humpback salmon and grayling. In some places there is so much fish and such large specimens are caught, that catch can bring a unique and worthy trophy.

In any case angling on the Kola Peninsula will be a memory for the rest of your life; stories about it will stir up envy in other fishermen, photos with trophies by the background of amazing nature will decorate any album. Again and again you will feel the desire to return to the Kola Peninsula one more time.